Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Digital Research Tools (DiRT) for Humanities and Social Sciences scholars

This is a new wiki created to find online tools for doing humanities and social science research online. The site is run by Lisa Spiro, director of the Digital Media Center at Rice University. As with most wikis, you can register and contribute your own reviews of various products and tools.

A wide variety of applications are listed depending on the intention of the scholar:

* Analyze texts
* Author an interactive work
* Blog
* Brainstorm/ generate ideas
* Build and share collections
* Collaborate
* Collect data
* Compare resources
* Convert/ manipulate files
* Create a mashup
* Edit images
* Find research materials
* Make a dynamic map
* Make a screencast
* Manage bibliographic information
* Network with other researchers
* Organize my research materials
* Conduct linguistic research
* Share bookmarks
* Stay current with research
* Take notes/ annotate resources
* Transcribe handwritten or spoken texts
* Write collaboratively
* Visualize data

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