Saturday, October 10, 2009

SHANTI at the University of Virginia

SHANTI, Sciences, Humanities and the Arts Network of Technological Initiatives, is a set of software tools designed for digital scholarship.

From the news release:

"The new suite of software available through SHANTI will serve the most requested needs:

WordPress for Web site creation and blogging;
Confluence Wiki for collaborative creation of shared documents;
Kaltura for managing, editing and presenting audio, video and photos;
Zotero for creating and sharing bibliographic data, including the documents and Web pages themselves;
NowComment for collaborative close reading and annotation of texts.

Much of this software is open-source, and some is free, Germano noted. SHANTI is acquiring site licenses as needed (for Confluence and Kaltura), and providing an enhanced version of WordPress, called WordPress Multiuser, along with BuddyPress....

"Beyond the five "core" applications intended for the most widespread use, SHANTI is also offering Drupal for rapid development of scholarly archives and exhibits that organize and connect a wide variety of media and data, and VisualEyes for easy creative visualization of diverse data such as maps, graphs, statistics, images and timelines."

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