Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Started in the Digital Humanities

Lisa Spiro has posted an excellent entry on her blog for newcomers titled 'Getting Started in the Digital Humanities':

"I’d like to offer some ideas for how a newcomer might get acquainted with the community and dive into DH work. I should emphasize that many in the DH community are to some extent self-taught and/or gained their knowledge through work on projects rather than through formal training. In my view, what’s most important is being open-minded, experimental, and playful, as well as grounding your learning in a specific project and finding insightful people with whom can you discuss your work."


  • Determine what goals or questions motivate you.
  • Get acquainted with the digital humanities
  • Participate in the DH community
  • Stay informed
  • Explore examples for inspiration and models
  • Pursue training
  • Online tutorials
  • Learn standards and best practices
  • Find collaborators
  • Plan a pilot project
  • Where possible, adopt/adapt existing tools
Some of the comments are from practicing DHers.

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