Thursday, June 25, 2009

DH09: Funding the Digital Humanities

'Funding the Digital Humanities', a roundtable discussion. DH2010 in London ( and DH2011 in Stanford, CA.

Office of Digital Humanities at NEH by Bret. Start Up Grants program; seed money for innovation. Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project. Published many journal articles in science and humanities journals. Get small start up grant--be successful and larger grants may come your way. Also, methodological training. If your institution is good at something, give seminars and train other people; we will fund you to do so. 'Digging into Data Challenge'.

Helen Cullyer, 'Building Digital Environments for Scholarship: the IDP' at Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Funds the Bamboo Project. DDBDP, HGV, APIS are all dated papyri databases; the IDP takes these three projects and incorporates them into a new project.

Funding is:
1. Driven by scholarly needs
2. Incorporates existing electronic resources into an interoperable environment
3. Developing editing software than be reused in other projects
4. A standards-based approach that facilitates interoperability with other resources beyond papyri
5. A staged approach to building a digital environment
6. Resources and tools developed and sustained by a number of funding agencies and institutions, of which Mellon is just one.

IMLS by Rachel Frick. Funds many categories of funding. Collaborations is an important theme in getting funded. DigCCurr II: Extending and International Digital Curation Curriculum.

SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) by Murielle Gagnon. Thematic Research

image, text, sound and technology
environment and sustainability
aboriginal research
colutural, citizenship and identities
management, business and finance

For DH: image, text, sound and technology (ITST) , new and creative applications. Digging Into Data Challenge.

National Science Foundation by Stephen Griffin.
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft by Christoph Kummel.
Arts and Humanities Research Council of UK by Shearer West.

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