Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DH09: TEI Encoding Projects: In the Header, but Where?; A Tool Suite for Automated TEI Encoding; Modernist Magazines Project

1) 'In the Header, but Where?' by Syd Bauman (Women Writers' Project) and Dot Porter. Problems with TEI Guidelines? One problem: encoder is instructed to put something in the header, but where? In the guidelines (1500 pages document), they located the instances where 'header' was mentioned, where they are clear and precise and where they need work (too ambiguious). The TEI-C needs an editorial document to guide the encoding of new sections and chapters--quite possibly in the ODD for the TEI Guidelines.

2) 'A Tool Suite for Automated TEI Encoding' by Laura Mandell, Holly Connor, Gerald Gannod. Established CHAT(Collaboratory for Humanities, Art and Technology) at Miami University in Ohio. Goal: create tools to enhance the end-user experience without the end-user needing to learn code. Existing Tools: Standalone Desktop applications--Oxygen, X-Metal, etc. Some examples from CHAT were shown. Last, it is noted that Word 2007 has many XML features that can be used, better than Open Office. Blog:

3) 'Modernist Magazines Project' by Federico Meschini. Three printed volumes created so far (OUP and website). The original aim of the project was to complement the print publication with a bibliographical index and selection of the facsimile reproduction but has moved to a project 'in itself.' How to encode indexes (toc) of serial publications using currently available metadata standards, TEI, DublinCore, MARC[XML] or MODS? How to manage this? Second problem: indexes compiled by modernist scholar not versed in library and information science. Teaching the basic of information literacy was quite easy. Not the same as XML encoding! Two solutions: batch processing or interactive form(web or stand alone app). Went with the first option. OOXML (Excel) and XSLT (1.0) for version 1. Version 2 had Excel and Java (Apache PPOI/JJDOM). Processing involved Excel tabular processing vs XML tree one. Examples shown. What can you do with XML files?: eXist, XQuery/XSLT/Javascript for almost anything.

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