Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DHWI: Humanities Programming: Day 2

Day Two

A shorter entry today. 

We started the day by setting up Git and Github, open source software for managing projects.

After setting up accounts, we linked our Github desktop to the GitHub web site.  This software is great for saving files and sharing with others.

GitHub guide:

Once we set up RUBY, we spent the afternoon learning coding fundamentals: arrays, strings, hashes, etc. by using Sublime Text 2.

We ended the class practicing coding in RUBY in the Code School

The day ended with a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon:
We divided into groups depending on expertise.  I was with a group learning to edit an existing article. Others were creating new pages.  Learned alot about procedures from Melanie Kill, Professor in the Department of English from the University of Maryland.  I mentioned that I was interested in using Wikipedia as an assignment for my LSC634 Humanities Information course at Catholic University.  She stated that she uses it in her classes to show students how wrting for Wikipedia is different than writing a term paper. The students also leanred that their work will be edited and not to take it personally.  Last, the students learn to collaborate with other editors in creating an excellent article.  She told me that I should outline my goals for using Wikipedia before creating any assignments.

Useful Tools and Web Sites encountered over Day Two

GitHub guide:
RUBY Strings:
RUBY Arrays: 
Code School:
CSS demos, go to Zen Garden:

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