Thursday, January 10, 2013

DHWI: Humanities programming: Day 3

Day Three

Introduction to Rails
We spent the day coding in Rails! Here is a summary:
  • We developed a real world example, a voting system that we could manipulate.
  • Ruby on Rails was set up and we used basic tools such as a source control, editor, console, local server and moved our work from the local host to the remote server. 
  • The concepts Model, Viewer, Controller were explained. 
  • Learned about CRUD: Create, Read, Update, and Destroy records. 
  • The uses of Git--back up regularly with specific messages. 
  • Set up Heroku, a cloud-driven platform that lets you use the application and store it (GitHub does not do this)
  • Used Gems, ready made apps for Ruby. 
  • We created a new repository (repo) on GitHub so we can share our files with the world.
Million Syllabi Hackathon
In the evening, I attended the Million Syllabi Hackathon with Dave Lester. How can we manipulate thousands of syllabi gathered from 2002-2009 to find meaningful relationships with words, documents, etc.  and what sort of challenges are faced with working big data.  The file unpacked was over 700MB.

Useful Tools and Web Sites encountered over Day Three
A Note about Git Commit Messages

Getting Started with Ruby on Rails



Rails for Zombies:

Ruby and Rails Resources Pinterest:
Ruby Rogues: (for advanced users)
Ruby Inside:
Ruby Weekly:
Ruby User Groups:

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