Thursday, January 10, 2013

DHWI: Humanities Programming: Day 4

Day Four

We spent the day working on web design issues and improving our web site.  Later in the day, an alert was sent out regarding a bug in the Ruby on Rails framework.  This evening, I received an email from Heroku on how to fix the bug:

How to Upgrade:
Open the Gemfile in the affected application and change the Rails version to one listed above:
    rails '3.2.11'
Then run:
    $ bundle update rails
Then commit the results to git, and push to Heroku:
    $ git push heroku master
Repeat for any susceptible applications. If you cannot upgrade at this time, please consider enabling maintenance mode or scaling your app down to zero dynos. Any applications running an insecure version are at risk.

Here is the code for interested parties:

Useful Tools and Web Sites encountered over Day Four

Digital Humanities Pedagogy:
CSS Mania:
CSS Specifity Wars: 
Color Scheme Designer:
CSS Drive: 
Ruby on Rails Guides:

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